Teaser Videos

Raina and Stewart's Wedding in Mykonos

Click the links to see teaser-style videos from our wedding. 

Teaser 1 - Raina and Stewart's Wedding
Teaser 2 - Raina and Stewart's Wedding

Highlight Videos

Raina and Stewart's Wedding in Mykonos

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Mykonos Highlights - Raina and Stewart's Wedding
Yachting Excursion - Raina and Stewart's Wedding

Check back soon. In addition to the highlight video, a documentary-style video will be added shortly. 

Livestream Ceremony Recording

Our Wedding Ceremony

We know many of our guests could not be with us in person so we had the ceremony streamed live and recorded for future viewings.

Even if you were with us in person and just want to relive the moment again (and again) you can see view it here.

About Raina & Stewart

...today, tomorrow & always...

Stewart William Davis, born and raised in the suburbs of Minneapolis, MN. Stewart was an avid sportsman in high school (Swimming, Football & Basketball) and quite the academic. He attended and played football at Wesleyan University in Connecticut before moving to the big apple in 2013. Stewart completed his MBA at NYU in 2019 and now works for Davis HRE.  Currently living in Manhattan with Raina, the wife to be, Rollo, the toddler son, Stanlee the 3 year old French Bulldog and Stoli, the 19 year old cat from Texas.

Raina Nicole Whitfield, born and raised in Austin, TX. She was captain of her high school dance team, and went on to join the University of Texas Pom Squad for 2 years before becoming a professional "cheerleader" for the Austin Wranglers Arena Football team. Needless to say if there's music, she's probably dancing. She completed her MSW at Texas State University and moved to the concrete jungle in 2011. She currently works as the Director, Talent Acquisition for Brookfield Properties. Raina enjoys writing, attempting to read, and taking dance classes for recreation; while navigating motherhood to a rambunctious toddler.

Raina trolling the streets of NYC
Our Story

Raina & Stewart ~ today, tomorrow & always

Raina was dressed as a troll (pictured) and Stewart was wearing his then 9-5 uniform of insert color suit and tie. It was an instant match! Just kidding. Who knew that a warm Halloween Friday night in 2014 would lead to this...

Our story is not one of convention or tradition, but it makes sense for us. After that fateful Halloween in 2014 we learned that we shared more than just a quick drink and a dance on a Friday night.

Stewart is a master at courtship and our shared love for music, theater and travel became our pastime. Over the years we’ve spent time traveling around the world, seeing our favorite artists live and exploring (Raina’s true love) New York City.

In between the lines we’ve made time to build successful careers, hold one another up during difficult times (neck brace!) and grow a beautiful little family.

Through it all, we’ve made sure to keep one thing at the core of our love… laughter. In any situation we know how to use it as the best medicine to overcome anything life throws our way, and if you know us well, you know we love an inside joke. You can't take us anywhere.

We’re thrilled to share this wedding journey with you in Mykonos, and truly honored that you have chosen to spend your time celebrating with us.

Efcharistó and see you in Greece!

These Two...